Canadian Trained Applicants
To be registered to practice as aRegisteredDietitian (R.D.) in Newfoundland and Labrador, the applicant mustprovide the following with their application:

(a) evidence satisfactory to the College as to good character and professional reputation;

(b) proof that he or she has

  1. a bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an education institution whose course content is approved by the College (NLCD accepts dietetic programs accredited by Dietitians of Canada(DC)), or
  2. a bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an educational institution and has taken additional post-secondary courses that are satisfactory to the College (NLCD accepts courses from dietetic programs accredited by DC).

(c) proof that he or she has

  1. completed a dietetic internship approved by the College (NLCD accepts dietetic internship programs accredited by DC),or
  2. a master’s degree in the study of foods or nutrition or institution administration and one year’s experience in the study or practice of nutrition or dietetics or allied subjects which is acceptable to the College (this requires documented experience based on competency attestation approved by NLCD).

(d) proof that he or she has successfully completed a registration examination based upon the professional competency requirements that the College may establish (NLCD administers the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination).

(e) proof that he or she has obtained professional liability insurance coverage in a form and amount satisfactory to the College; and

(f) payment of the fee set by the College.

Registration Deadlines & Fees Required For The Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE)

All applications and required documentation must be received by NLCD for:

  • The November Exam by September 15,
  • The May Exam by March 15.

Exam Dates

  • The May Exam is written on the second Friday of the month.
  • The November Exam is written on the first Friday of the month.


The CDRE is written in St. John’s NL at a location arranged by NLCD.


  • Current NLCD registration fee is $450.00.
  • CDRE fee is $49990.00.

Registration Renewals

Registration renewals including signed forms and fees are due January 31 of each year, for the upcoming fiscal year April 1 to March 31.Late fees of $100.00 are applied to renewals received after January 31.

Foreign Trained Applicants

Contact NLCD for details on requirements and documentation for foreign trained.