Registration for Canadian-Trained Applicants

For new graduates of a dietetic practical training program who have completed their training in Canada and are planning on practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador, an application for registration with the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians (NLCD) is required. Please contact the Registrar.

An applicant must satisfy the requirements set out in the Dietitians Act and apply to take the next scheduled Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, or must be awaiting results of this examination. Registration requirements are seen under Requirements.

Applicants who have paid the appropriate fees and have met all of the registration requirements with the exception of successful completion of the CDRE will be granted a Temporary License with NLCD while they are waiting to write the exam. The Temporary License entitles the individual to use the designation Registered Dietitian (candidate) and to practice dietetics up to 8 weeks after the completion of the CDRE.

When a Registered Dietitian candidate with a temporary license passes the CDRE, their Temporary License will be converted to an Active.  If a candidate with a Temporary License does not successfully pass the CDRE, the Registrar will contact him/her to discuss.