Is there a Study Guide for the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE)?

The CDRE Preparation Guide is provided to all exam candidates upon payment of the required fees. The Preparation Guide includes policies regarding the exam and some sample exam questions, as well as a reference list.  The CDRE Preparation Guide will be mailed to you upon registration for the CDRE.

What if I am a Dietitian from another province moving to Newfoundland and Labrador?

If you are a Dietitian registered in another Canadian province and you wish to work as a Dietitian in Newfoundland and Labrador, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Contact NLCD before resigning from your current regulatory body,
  • Complete NLCD application package and submit, along with any required documentation and fee (NLCD will verify your registration/membership status with the current, and possibly prior, regulatory bodies),
  • Upon meeting the NLCD registration requirements and receiving a completed  Labour Mobility Registration Verification Form from your current Regulatory Body,  you will be issued active registration with NLCD,
  • An orientation package will be forwarded to you, along with your proof or registration and official tax receipt.

Can I write the exam in a province other than Newfoundland and Labrador?

If you are registering with NLCD, but will be in another province during the exam time, you may write the exam in that province’s writing centre. Indicate to NLCD at the time of your application, that you would like to write the exam outside the province.

What is a Temporary Member?

Any approved applicant, who has met all the requirements for registration and paid the registration fee, shall become a temporary member of the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians pending successful completion of the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination. A temporary member can work in the capacity of a Dietitian; and use the title “R.D. Candidate”.

The protected titles of “Dietitian”, “Registered Dietitian” and “R.D.”, can only be used when an applicant receives active membership.